Download VAMPIRE 5.0

There are multiple ways to install VAMPIRE, depending on which operating system you have. The easiest way is to download the precompiled serial binary for your platform, unpack the archive and run the installation script. The parallel version is a little more involved, as this requires an installed MPI implementation and so compilation from source is required. More details can be found in the vampire manual. Thanks to Dr. Andreas Biternas and Rory Pond for providing the windows binaries of VAMPIRE.

Get the source code

The best way to get VAMPIRE is to download the source code and compile on your platform (either Linux PC, Linux cluster or Mac). You can get the VAMPIRE source code using git, a distributed version control program which enables changes in the code to be tracked. To get VAMPIRE from the github repository checkout your own copy of the repository using:

$ git clone git://

This way, updates to the code can be easily merged with the downloaded version. The code can be easily compiled using make, with more details available in the VAMPIRE manual.

Vampire 5.0 binary packages (630kB)

The most straightforward way to get VAMPIRE is to download and install a binary package, though the source distribution is generally recommended.

Installing and using VAMPIRE on Windows is generally more complicated due to the lack of a sensible terminal environment. The recommended method for using VAMPIRE 5.0 on Windows 10 is using Windows Subsystem for Linux, which installs a linux terminal within the operating system. This is able to run the linux binary directly and also supports parallel compilation using the OpenMPI library within the bash subsystem.

Source code packages

Sample input files

The following example input files are included in the source code distribution, but for those wanting to use the binary distribution they are made available here. To use the files simply save them to the binary location and run the executable as usual.

Development version

In addition to the latest release, the upcoming version of VAMPIRE is available on the develop branch of the git repository. This can be obtained by cloning the repository as normal, and running

$ git checkout develop

The develop branch generally has additional features, but is liable to contain bugs or errors which may lead to incorrect results, and therefore should be used with caution.

Previous releases

The following lists previous binary releases purely for reasons of research reproducability, but using them for new research is strongly discouraged, as they have limited features and may contain minor unfixed bugs.

VAMPIRE 4.0 binary packages (500kB)

VAMPIRE 3.0.3 binary packages (500kB)